What is price action trading?

Do you wish to know about price action trading? Well, in simple words, price action business implies making business decisions on the prices alone the way these are printed on a chart. The process is sometimes termed as “trading naked” since the confusion and clutter of adding the indicators, silly lines, whistles and bells is not necessary here.

The price action trading is actually based on the explanation of one raw price list or chart. The charts too are easy and clean to see. It was first introduced in Japan in 1700 by the Nippon rice traders who formulated candlestick charts featuring price formats with the candlesticks. These trading strategies are tested and trialed and have proved to be useful over the years. Price action trading is a very stress free as well as a fun way to effective business and many professional and veteran traders would reveal that their maximum entry-exit decisions are determined by the analysis of plain price dynamics.


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