The best five Commodities for investment

Commodities , investment tipsIf you have been wondering about the commodities that can be invested in then here is a list of the best five commodities:
• Gold: the price of gold is ever on the rise. The basic idea and a really simple one too is the fact that the value of gold won’t ever go down!
• Gold Stocks: even though the stock prices of gold have seen a downfall, they are expected to catch up soon with the price of the metal.
• Agriculture: with the population ever on the rise and the available piece of land for farming on the decline, agricultural commodities can be one of your most intelligent investments.
• Silver: like gold, silver is on the trend of rising values. The price of silver is on the rise and if not gold, then silver can be your investment!
• Lumber: because the population is ever on the rise and the houses will be made and sold, lumber commodities will sky-rocket.


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