Is online mutual fund investment safe?

It’s always good to go for online mutual fund investment. The process is easy, convenient and open for 24/7. Besides, in virtual investment it’s very simple to change investment schemes without any hassle or complicated procedures. Also, the internet enables the investor to track her/his investment all round the clock, 365 days.

However, many people tend to be worried about investing in the mutual funds through online broker since there have many pertinent scams lately revealing huge losses on part of the investors. Yes, online investment would be a tad risky as you don’t get to connect with the online brokers live and there’s always the safety concerns regarding your account number and other credit info that you submit to the website.

Thus, it’s suggested to invest with a reputed site only. The online site must promise of high security for the customer accounts like the use of military grade encryption settings for customer accounts. Also, make sure that site has passed the security standards of esteemed internet security authorities.


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