Investing options made easy for beginners

Are you a fresher in the investment market? Investments are undoubtedly pretty tricky for the beginners but the article here is a short account on some easy as well as low-risk investment options for a first timer.

Firstly, you can start off with stocks & bonds, the 2 most common investing options for the novices. Stocks are the equity investments while bonds are the debt investments. These are usually less risky, especially the bonds. Then, another good option would be the mutual funds. These provide with diversification and are highly flexible too.

Another easy investment option for the beginners is CD’s or the Certificates of Deposit. In this case, the investor is putting a fixed sum of money which you are guaranteed to get back after a specified time. It’s good to inform that the rate of interest is always higher in case of CDs as the investor is unable to withdraw the money till his CD has matured fully.


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