How to manage your personal expense?

It is very important for every house hold to manage their monthly personal expense properly. Only then you save something for your future. Uncontrolled expenditure will result in nil savings and may even result in certain debts at times. So here are certain tips for you in which you can manage all your personal expenses properly.

Your personal expense include cost of food, the house rent or tax, you monthly conveyance cost, the various bills, cost of education of your children, etc. Of all these fields, few fields have a fixed cost every month. Make it a habit that you separate the compulsory costs the very first day of your salary. This will shed off the entire burden from your shoulders. Now depending on the remaining amount, you can accordingly manage your food cost and the conveyance cost.

If you have enough money in hand, then you can indulge in luxury food habits, but at hard times you can also lower your food expense. You can also start some saving scheme in some banks and can disperse the fixed amount at the beginning of every month to ensure safety of your future.


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