How To Invest In Gold?

Are you new to the world of investment? If yes then you must be unaware of the variety of investment options you have in the market today. You can invest your precious money in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, silver etc. But the wise move on your part would be to invest in gold because during the time of inflation or any such economic crisis, the prices of gold augment and the value of gold will always remain high as it is a precious form of metal.

Investing in Gold Bullion: Experts advice that if you simply want to invest in gold then you should go and buy some. However, you have to make sure that the gold dealer is trustworthy and sells you the gold at an affordable and right price. You can either invest in gold coins or gold bars. So whether you invest in gold coins or gold bars will depend on your personal preferences and the offers you get from the different dealers.

Financial Instruments based on Gold: If you are not interested in investing in gold bullions then go ahead and invest in financial instruments that are based on gold. For instance you can invest in the ETFs (Exchange traded funds) which can be bought from the share market and ETFs are considered to be the safest gold investment option. You even have the option of investing in the stocks of a gold mining or production company. But a lot of uncertainties surround the mining or production company stocks generally so people avoid this option as much as possible. Gold options (non-binding) and gold futures (binding) are also risky gold investment options but the returns you receive on these investment options are usually very satisfying.

Buy Gold jewelry: It would be a smart move on your part if you could purchase gold jewelry because investing in jewelry is a traditional and an old age investment option. However the immensely high making charges of the jewelry pieces can discourage you from investing in gold jewelry.

Investing in Gold certificates: Individual banks issue the gold certificates to investors. But you will not have to worry about the security and storage of such certificates because the bank holds on to them on behalf of you. Gold certificates are rare investment options.


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