An account on E-mini trading

E-mini trading refers to the electronically traded or e-traded futures contract options on Chicago Mercantile Exchange a portion of usual futures contracts. The E-mini trading contracts are found in a broad selection indexes like S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Russell 2000, S&P small and mid-cap indexes, MSCI, Nikkei etc. E-minis have lesser margin demands as well as trading costs.

The E-mini future contracts are bought with the margin demand of around 10-15% of contract value. The E-mini futures, usually, are traded more than 23 hours every day with the contract dates 4 times in a year. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange has remarked that E-mini trades are filled up almost at any time in the day.

E-mini trading is really advantageous for the traders since it does not suffer from the volatility issues and come with good intra-day volatility. Besides, E-mini trading offers volume data that enables effective trades using amateur/foreign indicators.


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