Acquisitions vs. organic growth

Acquisitions, organic growthIt’s a much debatable topic but there can be a lot of different conclusions derived when asked such a question, Acquisitions or Organic growth? Well, it’s all about corporate strategies. There are certain benefits of buying an already existing company over starting a new one; these include the fact that the company has already proven its concept, it can be product or service based etc.

We all are aware of the fact that there is no fixed strategy for any business; they keep on changing rapidly with growth. Both organic growth and growth by acquisition should be made complementary strategies. It’s difficult to draw logical comparison between both because if you execute both of these strategies well you’re bound to be successful in your endeavor. There are a lot of reputed companies that still suffer from something called acquisition indigestion which means forceful application of the process has back fired on the company’s growth strategy.


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